How We Started – by Tari Rukobo, Founder

My name is Tari Rukobo and I’m the founder of Accomplish Etc. E-commerce and online selling is one of my passions. Some of you may be launching your brand or e-commerce store for the first time. Some are seasoned e-commerce sellers and established brands. At one point I had no prior knowledge or experience, but I was determined to learn everything I could about online selling. 

When I first started in e-commerce, many people were talking about Amazon FBA, private labelling or drop shipping – and I was intrigued. Being very cautious and not being one to just jump into things, I decided to read everything I could, attend seminars, watched videos and tutorials and joined online communities to mix with like-minded individuals and learn from the best.

Initially I started a jewellery brand and sold via Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon). I sourced the products, negotiated quantities and costs with suppliers, designed my logo and packaging. I created my listing on Amazon EUR marketplaces and sent the products to Amazon’s warehouse for fulfilment.

I grew frustrated with the Amazon selling model. Number one, as an Amazon seller, you are a vendor on the platform and you never ‘own’ the customer. You can’t collate customer details and email marketing is difficult. Number two, the stringent policies and ever changing rules means account suspension is typical. Listings are often deactivated because of so-called policy-contraventions and the customer support for sellers is not always the best.

It was at that point that I considered having my own e-commerce website. I tested the waters with wellbeing products. After conducting product research, I found a supplier and started designing my e-commerce website. It was an enjoyable learning curve: through running my own stores I was able to understand product market-fit, sourcing products, managing inventory, branding, payment gateways & platforms and creating marketing strategies.

Equally important: I improved my web design skills. Through research and networking, I noticed a lack of UK-based e-commerce web developers who are knowledgeable about e-commerce itself. And that’s how Accomplish Etc was started: I put together a team of UK-based specialist e-commerce web developers and designers, and I use my knowledge as a seller to work with brands who want to launch their brands on Shopify or WordPress.

At Accomplish Etc we understand Shopify and WordPress for e-commerce. We have extensive knowledge of themes and apps, navigation, payment gateways, stock management, consumer psychology, checkout processes and each platform’s API.

When I chat to potential clients, they usually express how overwhelmed they are with balancing an e-commerce store setup and running their business. Immediately I understand because I’ve been there. Often they are overwhelmed with selecting the right e-commerce platform, they’re intimidated by the overall process, concerned about costs etc. Again I understand because as a Shopify seller, I’ve been there. So I can pin-point exactly which issues they need solving and immediately act on it with my team.

It’s important that the design process is simplified for our clients. So for any Shopify web development projects that we take on, we follow a simple 4-step process:

  1. Proposal – First, we start with a telephone chat to understand your requirements. Then we will email you a proposal. If you agree, we will arrange for a 50% deposit invoice to be sent to you. Upon payment we will ask you to complete a creative brief form. This form allows us to get a good idea of your design preferences so we can research your designs.
  2. Design – Next, a dedicated developer will code and build your website. Here we will create the visuals for your project and liaise with you throughout. We will send you the first draft after 10 working days. You then submit any revisions which we’ll work on until you are happy.
  3. Launch – After you are satisfied and have approved the project, we will do a site run-through with you. Once you are happy, we will invoice for the final 50% payment. Once payment has been received we will then deliver your digital files and launch your website live.
  4. Support – Our goal is not only to create an amazing website or brand identity for you, but also to provide support and design assistance that will help you continue to grow your business.

If you would like to talk about your project or simply say hello, we would love to hear from you! You can reach us on 033 0133 3843 or email

Tari Rukobo

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